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Plushy Pendants and High School Musical March 5, 2008

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Well yesterday did not go as planned. I was excited to get my ‘rainbow brite’ pendants done , but after an hour of struggling they all ended up in the fubar bin. grrrrr. What do you guys do when you are in a creative rut?
I played on the computer a bit and then started something completely different from my sketch pile (I cant manage to keep it in a book). And low and behold it went as smooth as peanut butter. They are called ‘Plushy Pendants’. Plushies are huge right now and sewing is one craft I have not tackled. So I made my own mini version, no needle required. I have a whole bunch almost done, they just need sanding and embellishment (which will include faux stitching). Its hard to tell in this pick but they are puffy, about 1″ high and are hollow. They also make a slight rattle sound when they are shaked.

Now I have to stop though and get my daughter and I ready. I am bringing her to the High School Musical on Ice. She doesn’t know yet, I have managed to keep it a secret for over a week! She is going to pee her pants with excitement. She is only 6, loves High school Musical and has never been to a large venue centre. Lets hope it all goes well!plushie preview


2 Responses to “Plushy Pendants and High School Musical”

  1. Bianca Says:

    Hey these are great and I love the rainbow and guitar ones in the earlier post.

  2. floresita Says:

    These are so cute!

    Thanks for taking part in the Great Comment Expedition on Feeling Stitchy!

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