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snag in the road March 6, 2008

Filed under: Blogging — minervasmuse @ 9:22 pm

Well let me say High School Musical on Ice was a blast. My daughter was so excited, she danced all night (even when we were trying to make it to our seats). The show was really well done and stayed true to the movies. Well worth it!

And I thought this evening after work I would drop by Michaels and get all that ‘stuff’ I ran out of. Well it was another disappointing Michaels trip! Grrr… Now I wont be able to open my etsy shop until Monday, so I can go searching all over town for the simple things I need. But such is the joy of living in a small city.

I got home after dark today so no new photo’s from me today. But I will have lots this weekend. I am going to visit my sister and use her amazing camera. I will have much better luck that way.

Instead of pics I have a link from Polymer Clay Notes. It is a interesting article on what all us artists really need to succeed ‘1000 True Fans’.


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